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NSE Launches Nifty India Tourism Index: Stocks and Sector Performance


Exciting news for stock market enthusiasts eyeing the travel and tourism sector! The NSE has developed a new thematic index dedicated to this industry, called the Nifty India Tourism Index. Let’s delve into the specifics of the index and explore how it operates.

Introducing Nifty India Tourism Index 

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) recently developed the Nifty India Tourism Index, a specialized index that aims to monitor company performance in the tourism sector. The index includes a selection of top-performing stocks from different tourism industry segments, such as hospitality, travel services, and tourism infrastructure. The Nifty India Tourism Index includes diverse companies that play a significant role in the tourism ecosystem. By including a different spectrum of businesses, the index aims to offer investors a comprehensive overview of how the industry is acting in the Indian economy.

Key constituents of the index have prominent players within the tourism industry, each contributing to the index’s performance based on market capitalization and stock price movements. The diversity ensures that the index showcases not only major players but also the overall health and growth potential of the tourism sector in India. The launch of the Nifty India Index through NSE is a strategic move highlighting investment opportunities in India’s burgeoning tourism industry. It offers investors a valuable tool to capitalize on the growth prospects of vital sectors, contributing to the overall development of India’s economy.  

Prior days are gone when stock indices served as market mood indicators. Currently, they have morphed into a powerful investment tool, laying groundwork for products like index funds and derivatives. Index funds, which replicated the performance of a market index, offer investors a way to hold a diversified slice of the market. Meanwhile, index derivatives offer a means to hedge against market risks by enabling trading in futures and options tied to these indices.

Impressive Gains and Sector Breakdown

As per NSE, the global market for instruments has expanded into a multi-trillion dollar industry, intricately linked to market indices. Such evolution showcases the growing role of indices not just as a performance benchmark but as a pivotal element in sophisticated investment strategies. The introduction of sector-specific indices like Nifty India Tourism Index exemplifies the trend, offering investors precise tools to tap into specific sectors, thus broadening the application and significance of market indices in modern finance.

The Nifty India Tourism Index would track up to 30 companies from Nifty 500 that are relevant to the travel and tourism sector. Presently, it includes 17 stocks, with weightage determined by their periodic capped free-float market capitalization. To maintain diversification, no single stock could represent more than 20% of the index. The index is reconstituted semi-annually, meaning the companies in the index can change, and rebalanced quarterly. Last year, the index delivered an impressive gain of 41.98% boasting a healthy 5-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.49%, and since inception on April 1, 2005, it has generated a CAGR of 12.19%. The Consumer Service sector holds larger NSE shares of the index at 66.98% followed by the services sector at 29.73%. 

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