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Shares Of Pharmeasy’s Parent Fall Over 70% In The Unlisted Market


After performing well in the unlisted share market, pre-IPO stocks of API Holdings, the parent company of PharmEasy, India’s prominent digital healthcare platform, have plunged down 70% in the grey market. This reveals that the fall in unlisted shares caused the company to lose half its value in the pre-IPO market, falling to Rs. 32-35 INR. A few months ago (between July and September), the company was trading at Rs. 135-140. Then the share prices dropped to Rs 65, to Rs 35, and finally to Rs 12, which is considered its worst trade till now. Undoubtedly, the fall has raised significant concern among its investors and equity holders. The current PharmEasy unlisted shares prices depict the downfall in the face value and market value of the company. According to resources, the increase in the supply chain is the main reason behind the drop in the unlisted share prices of PharmEasy. 

Having said that, API Holdings, filed a draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) to SEBI for an IPO worth Rs.6000-7000 crores and got approval According to the reports, the DRHP was a minimum of Rs. 6000 crores and the company planned to increase it by 20% as per SEBI rules and regulations. In 2021, the company purchased 66% of shares in Thyrocare, an IPO-listed company and diagnostic care laboratories chain based on the B2B service model.

Are PharmEasy unlisted shares still safe to invest in?

PharmEasy offers tempting added value and ROI to all its investors who buy unlisted shares of the company. The company serves 87,194 pharmacy agencies, 4617 healthcare clinics & consultant doctors, 3261 wholesalers, and 926 hospitals. The online marketplace of the company has 25 million registered users. So, the customers who fill prescriptions through this company get teleconsultant services. According to the sources, the company planned to raise funds from its existing investors by about $115 billion in the coming year. Last year, the company raised a record $35 billion in private equity funds. The company has also appointed a new CFO. Yatharth Bhargova joined the company in September and was named the CFO on November 16, 2023. Previously, Bhagrova has served OLX’s Auto business in Indonesia. This comes at a crucial time for the company as it is trying to raise funds for its existing debt. 
Additionally, the company utilises advanced technology and new-age programming techniques that make the company’s future bright. The company has also developed various custom algorithms using data science models, specialised workflows, AI/ML techniques, etc. These specific growth initiatives and consistent development plans show that the company is ready to broaden its horizon and positioning. The company’s long-term goal is to become a digital healthcare player rather than just being a simple e-pharmacy platform. Potential investors can buy PharmEasy unlisted shares to get an exponential return after considering the robust background, like the number of acquisitions the company has made in the startups. Investors can quickly analyse that the company is here for the long run, and they can expect a great return by investing in their unlisted shares. To make the buying process easier, seek assistance from a pre-IPO stock expert at Stockify to avoid risks and better manage your investment portfolio. The experts will guide you throughout the buying and selling process of unlisted stocks.

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