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What are the different income streams to increase CSK share price?


If you want to know the income streams of the most pre-IPO shares in the grey market in India, the CSK share price is at the current levels. Timing is essential to any investment, so the current IPL season is the right time to learn the different income streams of the first sports unicorn in India. Having won the IPL cup in 2023 in a thrilling finish against Gujarat Titans, CSK continues to be the most popular IPL team. Also, its unique business model with various sources of revenue has increased its PAT or profit after tax by 65% in FY 2023 to cross over 50 from 30 crore rupees. Hence, CSK’s current share price of around Rs. 180 is luring investors, who are die-hard cricket fans, to know its high potential.

Continue reading this blog until the end to learn all the different income streams of the unique business model to raise the CSK stock price to new heights and yield massive profits in the short and long term.

What are the different income streams that are raising CSK’s share price?

India Cements-owned Chennai Super Kings Ltd, which started in 2014, raised funds in 2018 through convertible debentures for its CSK share price and began to trade in the grey market. Also, in 2023, Rs. 200 crores was raised from the Jindal family Premji Invest, etc, 2023 to expand its eco syste3m.   CSK, in April 2024, raised Rs. 350 crores to expand its business exponentially. This has led to spectacular results, doubling its PAT to over 50 crores. A sports company having thousands of crores in revenue and profits doubling is new in India to make it the first sports unicorn. The following are the few different income streams that have raised CSK share prices from Rs. 14 to Rs. 215, and now, they are trading at around Rs. 190 to increase more in the future.

·        CSK acquired Texas Super Kings to compete in MLC or Major League Cricket and Joburg Super Kings franchise in South Africa to expand its business model outside India

·        CSK, with its continuous rise in popularity among millions of fans in India and worldwide, is seeing an increase in its revenue stream through sponsorship, as there was record viewing during the final of IPL 2023

·        Ticket revenue from full-pack stadiums like MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai and others in South India is the maximum CSK needs to increase its profit.

·        With the yellow jersey becoming synonymous with Dhoni and CSK, the merchandise sales are increasing yearly to add to the profit.

·        Broadcasting rights, from which CSK earns 10% of the overall rights, account for hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

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